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Helping ambitious women dissolve life's challenges, offer their gifts to the world, and live in abundance.

Financial Independence Is the Path to Physical Safety for Women

Financial independence is the path to physical safety for women.

What are you doing to ensure your financial independence?

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The Big Lie about Selfishness

My clients often talk about feeling guilty about being too selfish. The lop-sided belief that being selfish is bad is a huge misconception many folks have accepted without question. In reality, we have both selfish and selfless wants and needs and each can be healthy...
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cropped-Brett-Rhodes-by-JeanPaul-Oct-2014-39.jpgAre you feeling stuck in a rut, worn out, tired of the daily grind of too much to do all the time?


Is the stress getting to you?

Stress manifests in many unexpected ways - anxiety, trauma, irritability, anger, procrastination, difficult relationships, scarcity.

It can hold you back from the fulfillment and abundance for which you're working so hard.

You need a solution, a way to learn and practice the strategies that will help you say goodbye to stress.


That's why I created the Goodbye Stress Home Study Course: Five Simple Strategies to Take You from Freak-Out to Freedom.

In this home study course you will discover how to:

• Handle the intensity of stress
• Harness the power of your mind to put an end to self-shaming
• Replace destructive patterns with new, supportive, healthy habits
• Handle any stress-provoking situation with grace
• Develop relationships with others who understand you, can meet you where you are and support you

Through stories, explanations and exercises, the Goodbye Stress course teaches you how to go from freak-out to freedom.


Stop suffering from fear, worry, doubt and self-shame.

It's time to end the struggle, overcome the stress, and live the life you deserve.


I'd like to give you this home study course today as my gift to you.

You see, I have a vision of a world in which mothers and daughters and sisters are all free from the tyranny of stress.

And my mission is to help ambitious women like yourself dissolve life's obstacles, offer their gifts to the world and live in abundance.

My goal is to help you say goodbye stress.

And if you'll let me, I'll help you say "Goodbye Stress!" starting today.

If you'd like to receive the Goodbye Stress Home Study Course as my gift...

just enter your email address below and I'll send the course to you immediately.

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Here's what participants had to say about the live Goodbye Anxiety workshop:

"This workshop gave me a reality check that I sorely needed. Brett explained things in an organized, straightforward way. I left with ideas that I put into use immediately.  Brett speaks from the heart with the passion and commitment of someone’s who’s “been there.”  I’ve already recommended this workshop to three friends!"

Jean Franzblau

Founder, Cuddle Sanctuary

"Awesome talk this evening! I received a lot of valuable information and came away with several simple things to implement."

Nancy Lee Ma

CEO & Founder, Crystal Clear Profits, Inc.