Mental Yoga Practice Group Resources

Sound and Noise Generators:

Sound and noise generators are useful for many purposes:

  • Screening out annoying noises (loud neighbors, traffic, etc.)
  • Providing ambient sound for meditation, study or other activities requiring focus
  • Providing ambient sound for massage or other activities aimed at soothing and self-care

There are many website-based and app-based sound and noise generators available for free making them a great portable, no-cost option. Listed below are some good options to try:

  • - white noise, pink noise, binaural beats, babbling, sounds of nature, etc., for background sound, sound barrier creation or meditation

Multi-Day Meditation Programs:

Our community offers many meditation workshops and intensives both no-cost and fee-for-service. Do a search on Google for the phrase "meditation workshop Los Angeles" to begin your journey into the amazing depth and breath of meditation.

Many teachers and school offer free guided meditation audio programs so you can sample their approach and decide if they may be a good match for your learning style. Here's one you try to get an idea of how this might work.

  • Stillness Daily - sign up by email for a 30-day free program with daily guided 10-minute meditations

Meditation Audio Files (streaming and downloadable):


Music for Meditation: