Rainer Maria Rilke... no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children." - Rainer Maria Rilke


While working with a new coaching client this morning, this quote floated through my mind as I listened to her list all of the "stuff" she was facing. Hearing about her life left me feeling heavy and stuck. When I reflected this to her she was surprised by her own recognition of this feeling in herself, a feeling with which she had lost touch but which was now front and center for both of us.

I spoke the quote out loud, mostly as a way for me to clear some internal space for myself to begin working with her on finding some internal space for herself. As the words tumbled out, I saw a delighted smile light up her face.

This of course made me smile and we shared a sweet moment of silent joy followed by her saying she wanted more of that in her life - that flow, no forcing, no holding back. It was a wonderful moment of recognition of what could be, how her life could be, how she wants her life to be. And it gave us a delightful touchstone which we returned to several times over the course of the session.

When I checked in with her at the end of our time together, that joy lit up her face again and she said she felt a hope for a life she had once known and now thought she could find her way back to. It was a great session, one that left me feeling joyful and hopeful as well.

Such is the power of coaching. What a wonder. What a marvel. What a joy.