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Irises - Vincent van GoghAs human beings, sexuality is such a central part of our self-identity, and it can be incredibly confusing, complicated and challenging to sort out who we are and what we want sexually.

Add to that everything our culture tells us about sex. The entertainment industry, religion, our families, friends, teachers, even the law has something to say about what is and isn't OK when it comes to sex.

You may have received messages that being a certain way or being sexually turned on by certain people or fantasies isn't OK, even that it's wrong or immoral or bad.

Therapy and coaching can be a powerful resource in helping you sort out for yourself who you are as a sexual being and what sex means to you in your life.

Therapy and coaching can be a huge help, if you are struggling with concerns about:

  • your sexual orientation (straight, gay, bi, pan, etc.)
  • coming out
  • being kinking
  • being polyamorous or non-monogamous

And I'm here to help.

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