Beating Social Anxiety

Brett C Rhodes LCSW

Social anxiety is awful.

I know. I suffered with it for years.

It crippled my social and dating life. I was miserable.

So I went on a quest to beat social anxiety and I won.

Now I want to help you overcome your social anxiety.

~ Brett C Rhodes LCSW


Can you really beat social anxiety?

Beating social anxiety isn't necessarily easy. But it's not rocket science.

Yes, you can overcome it.

You just need some information, some tools, some skills and some practice.

First, social anxiety is incredibly common. Most people in the world have some form of it. It's all a matter of degree. A little can be annoying. Too much can really mess up your social life, your love life and having companionship with other human beings which is something we all need.

Depression often accompanies social anxiety, the two compounding each other for a painful mix of fear and misery. Yuck!

None of it deserves any feelings of shame any more than having the flu.

And like the flu, it passes quickly with proper treatment.

So what's the treatment?

Information, skills, tools, a good attitude and lots of practice.

In the Beating Social Anxiety program, you learn how to recognize your anxiety, how it feels, what it's like when you don't fear it but understand it and can work with it, tame it and allow it to serve you.

You learn how to observe the contents of your mind and challenge thought patterns that don't serve you.

You get expert support, guidance and coaching.

And you get homework. You take what you learn out into the world and practice. You do it gently and at a pace you can tolerate and sustain.

And the outcome?

You get better...better at socializing, better at dating, better at relating. Life become more fun. You surround yourself with people who love you, who you love. You live a happier, more fulfilled life.

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Brett C Rhodes LCSW

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