Licensed Psychotherapist
Brett is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CA-BBS license number LCSW21783)
Professional Coach
Brett was trained by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the premier coach training program in the United States.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Brett incorporates the use of trance and meditation techniques into his work with clients to enhance and improve the effectiveness of treatment.

What is Brett's professional education, training and experience?

Licensed in Hawaii and California as an LCSW, Brett received his bachelor's degree in psychology from Pitzer College and his master's degree in social work from UCLA.

He trained as a psychotherapist and clinician at Airport Marina Counseling Service, Las Encinas Hospital and Jewish Family Services.

He worked at the VA in west Los Angeles serving mentally ill veterans and their families for more than seven years.

Currently, he provides psychotherapy services through Kaiser Permanente and his private practice.

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What is Brett like as a therapist?

Brett studies and uses theories and practices from the following sources