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Brett C Rhodes LCSW

Brett C Rhodes LCSW

Licensed Psychotherapist

Brett is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CA-BBS license number LCSW21783)

Professional Coach

Brett was trained by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the premier coach training program in the United States.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Brett incorporates the use of trance and meditation techniques into his work with clients to enhance and improve the effectiveness of treatment.


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Help Specifically for Women
Help with Your Relationship

Relationship Therapy

Open Relationship Therapy... for when "it's complicated"

Help with Your Sexuality
Help with Social Anxiety


Live Event – Goodbye Stress – in West Los Angeles on Sunday July 31

Goodbye Stress: Five Simple Steps to Take You from Freak-Out to Freedom A Live Event on Sunday July 31  Is anxiety stopping you from living the life you want? Do you have a feeling that it's possible to be free from anxiety but you never seem to be able to get there?...
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Financial Independence Is the Path to Physical Safety for Women

Financial independence is the path to physical safety for women. What are you doing to ensure your financial independence?
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The Big Lie about Selfishness

My clients often talk about feeling guilty about being too selfish. The lop-sided belief that being selfish is bad is a huge misconception many folks have accepted without question. In reality, we have both selfish and selfless wants and needs and each can be healthy...
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Relationship, Perspective and the Truth

Just finished a first therapy session with a new couple. First sessions can be so challenging. There is often a minefield of finger-pointing, verbal attacks and other childish behavior to navigate through before any real work can begin. So much of that dynamic is...
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May what I do flow from me like a river …

... no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children." - Rainer Maria Rilke ...oOo... While working with a new coaching client this morning, this quote floated through my mind as I listened to her list all of the "stuff" she was facing. Hearing about her...
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